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19 de agosto de 2008

We need to keep away young people from drugs as a matter of urgency

¿Can you help?

Drug addiction causes violence in streets and schools and augments HIV-AIDS.
Drug addiction causes an increase in criminal gangs, besides premature pregnancies, abortions, sexual transmission infections and suicides, and it is worse in third world countries such as Guatemala where the youth is found in greater risk by being more vulnerable because is affected by corruption and violence in the highest levels.

An NGO, secular and non-profit organization, has the solution.
Its campaign: The Prohibited Garden For A Youth With Goals ®, applies an innovative strategy based on values that includes the students as the protagonists of the change, what causes them to be involved in the project distracting them from drugs and redirecting their attention to a self- expression scenario which helps them declare their ideals to society.

The expected results are:
Forming groups of multipliers, to change conduct patterns, to improve quality of life for the young people and to fortify the links between their parents. This will be done through a pedagogical process that will facilitate individual and collective changes.

We are requesting financial help to facilitate teaching materials.
Because we do not have funds, we are asking for your financial, media and companies with social conscience support. In exchange, by the law of cause and effect you will obtain all the blessings of the heaven and will free you of problems and punishments. We will mention your name as a co-sponsor in all the disclosing material *If you want.
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